how to make nipples darker?

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Answered: Nipples/sexy

Everyone has different preferences; but I know how I want to look- and what I think is sexy. But it's great to get an diff opinion from a man!

Answered: How much will a 4lb piece of authentic real amber cost

No, I don't have any idea about this... but I suggest you can contact DR Fine Jewels... they may help you. They provide only the best top quality stones and the rare blue amber (Museum blue, amber) in the whole world.

Answered: Nipples

Might I add that sucking on a man's nipples also makes them feel good? Oh, and moan.

Answered: Liquid coming from nipples could I be pregnant?

A pregnancy test taken 15-16 days after a positive ovulation test should give you an accurate answer. If you ovulated on January 23rd and you are pregnant, it would still be a little early for a home pregnancy test to pick it up. Good luck! Rachel

Answered: Is there any way to lessen the painful hypersensitivity of the areola

This is definitely a question for your surgeon. Good luck.
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Nipples irritation while running

Under Armour and Vaseline is the best option

I have sore and tender nipples for the past 5 days and for one day lower

Hi, The fact that your breasts and nipples are sore can indicate one of two things. 1) either you are pregnant. 2) or it might ve pms. Also it depends how late you are with not gettting your period. Good Luck

Is it possible to darken granite countertop?

I'm not a granite counter top expert but I know that if I were you I would just talk to the people who put it in for you. I wouldn't take any chance of ruining it. If it came in the wrong color they should be able to help you. Maybe look into getting a granite quote in mundelein if possible before ...