how to make my Clitoris bigger?

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Answered: Clitoris size

Hi, ------- The glans (= "head") of the clitoris is roughly the size (and also shape) of a pea, although it can be significantly larger or smaller. --------- Best regards,

Answered: What cause the clitoris to become very and have no feeling in it what can

I am not sure what you mean. You might want to go to the doctor to make sure everything is okay. When you touch it do you feel anything? Usually there is a bit of sensitivity there. Only a doctor can truly see what is going on down there.

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Answered: Im not happy with my breast and want them bigger with out going under the

Get complete information how to cure and deal, if you trouble in menstrual cycle and suffer with breast tenderness. The breasts often retain fluids, causing them to swell. During menstrual cycle, breasts add new cells to milk-producing ducts & glands, which also make them, swell and get tender ...

Answered: So if a man fiddles with a women's(infected with HIV) clitoris without a

Fiddle!?! We're not talking music here! You're messing (or just entertaining, what if) with a person that is infected with the HIV virus? When you fell off the turnip truck were your injuries fatal? STD are nothing to take lightly.,and they're nothing to "fiddle with." Romeo, you are to be ...

Answered: Neediber the words bigger so i can read them

Within Internet Explorer on the bottom right of the page there is a drop down box where you can make the test on the page bigger. Try that and see if it helps.
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What does clitoris look like?

normally pinkish in color, a bit protrubing. Does this help?