how to make mooning scarecrow?

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Answered: Scarecrow

same as the mooning pumpkin but with two pumpkin breasts (o)(o)

Answered: The moon

Depending on to whom you ask, tonight or tomorrow night is going to be the full moon : Navy says tomorrow night, Farmer's Almanac says tonight. In any case, tomorrow night is going to be a penumbral eclipse - but you won't be able to tell anything different since not much of the sunlight is ...

Answered: Scarecrow and Mrs. King - I recently received the ...

Kate Jackson had breast cancer. Mission of Gold episode was when Kate had her surgery and then she was going thru radiation treatments.

Answered: Moon

Well, here in CT I can't even see it.

Answered: How to make a mooning scarecrow?

I'm still working on this, but after putting some thought in here's what I came up with. You'll need about 10ft of 1 & 1/2 inch PVC tubbing -- 4-1 & 1/2 inch PVC elbows @22 1/2 degree bend. Cut 4 pieces of tubbing to about 15 inch (or so) for the bow-leg effect - connect 2 pieces for each leg ...

Answered: What is the moon on November 22 2011

Nothing special on the 22nd. However, the New Moon phase is today, the 24th.
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The same thing that makes it visible at night; reflected sunlight.

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New moon

I acually dont rly kno. i just wanted to be the first one! :)

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Oh my god that song is perfect