how to make marshmallow fluff more spreadable?

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Answered: Who created marshmallows

Real marshmallow goes back to ancient Egypt and was originally created as a medicinal substance made from a plant. The Egyptians discovered it also made a nice sweet. Modern marshmallows are nothing more than sugar and corn syrup and flavorings and contain no real marshmallow at all.


No, but it sounds edible. Try asking your grandmother what it is.

Answered: Marshmallow Fluff

Depends what you are using it for. As a topping, stir in a little cool water at a time, with a fork. Goes good on ice cream!

Answered: Bacon Marshmallows & Bacon Candies - ideas & recipes please...

Below is what I could find:

Answered: Mail without fluff?

Hi, there: Thank you for your feedback. My best suggestion would be to contact our Mail Support Team at:
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What is the name of a chocolate marshmallow cookie?

How about Pinwheels Or Mallomars or Moon Pies? Or Canada's Whippets? It really depends on where you live. In the U.K., it's a Tunnock's Teacake. In Germany, Schokokuss.

Does anyone know what happened to Tell Chocolate Co who made the original

Yes. The original owner has retired. My brother and I purchased the recipe and process and original moldings in 2012. We have been busy validating the recipe and process. We hope to return these wonderful Easter treats (chicks, rabbits and Squirrels) of our childhood, to the marketplace. Please ...

How to promote a marshmallow product

First, identify your target audience. To whom do you want to sell the marshmallows? Then, study their preferences when it comes to marketing materials, design, and content. Start from there. Remember also to combine different marketing techniques. Try some newspaper ads, participate in trade fair ...

Who sang Marshmallow through a Keyhole?

A Wisconsin-based New Wave band called The And recorded that song back in 1984/85