how to make hangers for 18" doll clothes?

how to make hangers for 18" doll clothes?

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Answered: Doll clothes hangers

If you are OK with metal, then simply make them yourself. Lowe's or the competition will sell you single stranded, insulated, solid 14G wire. In various colors. No pastels, however. Wholesale prices are frequently advertised, but rarely found. Simply check on the internet for the lowest prices ...

Answered: Where can I find inexpensive 18 inch doll clothes?

Try this collection of 18 inch doll clothes

Answered: Hop sackin' the cloth

Maggie- I figured that after a day, if anyone knew what this question was about, they would have given you an answer. Vlad sackin' the village.

Answered: Hailey silicone doll by ashton drake I have one new in the box and would

I might cough up fifty cents. You'd best hold out for a doll collector and not take my generous offer in a fit of desperation.

Answered: Doll clothes

Try Dresses - Baby Doll online store.

Answered: Doll

My advice is that you contact Paradise Galleries.
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