how to make gloss paint satin?

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Answered: Satin or gloss with children?

Hi. I recommend speaking with a flooring specialist as they know best.

Answered: What type of painting does Fernando botero paint?

Fernando botero painting was fat unrealistic people as you can see from most of his paintings. View his paintings on this site:

Answered: Bare wood

N- The bare wood will age and deteriorate faster. It will certainly stain. You will be much more likely to pick up splinter from the bare wood. JayR
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Lincoln Park at Christmas pencil painting by James ...

There are Art Galleries around you that you can show it to and get a free opinion of what you have.

I have a exterior paint that is latex semi gloss ...

Painting concrete is considerably different than a wood or metal surface. Concrete is porous and needs to be sealed before painting. Then once the surface is painted (it should be a concrete paint, enamel) it should be sealed again. I really think that painting your steps will result in almost ...

How to make satin finish paint into gloss finish paint?

After use, when dry, spray over with clear gloss spray. -No other way, the base is different

Can you mix a flat latex paint with a semi gloss latex paint?

Mixing different sheen paints, even if they are the same brand, is indeed a extremely risky business. First of all, you will loose ANY WARRANTY on the product; secondly, please realize that you are probably doing something NEVER done before (mixine ratios, etc.) so the mix have never been tested ...