how to make furby shut up?

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Answered: Furby toys how do you talk to a furby?

you talk to a furby by buying a furbish dictornary from toysrus and you look up what you want to say in furbish

Answered: Who wishes Mark Traina would shut the fuck up?

Rocmike aka Punslinger why are all of your aliases posting on Mark Traina's questions. Looks like you are showing support for you alias Mark Traina.

Answered: Why does aol and all tabs shut down when i log off aol mail. This also

When you sign out of AOL in one window or tab, the entire session ends - this closes all open sessions for security purposes.

Answered: Democrats shut down the federal Government to persecute disabled

Does Rocmike really think nobody knows he posts under all those different posting names and many others. Not only do they go to his Facebook profile page you can't tell one apart from the other. Every post you see the words leftist, Atheist, Muslim, Hitler, democrat, racist, drunkard, criminal ...
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