how to make fried cornbread crispy?

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Answered: What does cornbread mean in a dream for numbers

Only thing cornbread in a dream means to me is as a symbol of home and family and good dinners.

Answered: Cold Water Cornbread

Anonymous, Try this link:,1-0,cold_water_corn_bread,FF.html Judy Sparky's Mom

Answered: How do you fry amberjack?

I've always been told " Amberjack, are not fit to eat!" and I've never known of anyone eating them.

Answered: Fried italian cornbread. My mother inlaw made a ...


Answered: How can i make a really crunchy batter for fried chicken that is similar

There is a site which has a book on favorite Resturant recipies. I'm sure if you would look under something like that you would find it. mummu

Answered: Do you want fries with that?

That would be profound, if it made any sense. Don't give up your paper hat to pursue a job as a philosopher.
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Is this a saying or did i hear it wrong ?

Your Question Is NOT Too Clear...BUT IF We're Referring To Hair...IT's A Figure Of Speech Used For Hair That Is Severly Overprocessed To The Extent That Any More Chemical Applications Will Leave More Hair In A Sink Than On Someone's Head

Why do black people seem to enjoy fried chicken so much?

Do you refer to the billion dollar fast food empire,

Crispy French fries

After cutting your potatoes soak them in ice water for 1 hour. Drain them well and make sure all excess water is absorbed off the fries. Par cook in hot oil (375 degrees) for one minute. Drain well again. Cool in frig for 1 hour or more (or place on a cookie sheet and freeze and bag for a later date ...

Healthy Fried Cooking

nowhow thats how but olive oil endures higher temperature before becoming carcinogenous u want cancer it wants u too so just go on frying stuff