how to make finger protection gloves?

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Answered: Leather gloves for men; are they popular right now ...

Most men choose leather gloves from a necessity viewpoint as opposed to a fashion stand point. Warmth and comfort are the usual reasons for choosing leather gloves.

Answered: Neon Gloves

Answered: Isotoner gloves style 88525

I don't know how it looks exactly but try finding it here ..

Answered: Why do your fingers look like a prune?

When flesh has been submerged for a while, it will absorb some of the fluid and swell, like a sponge. The tissue underneath the skin on your fingers and toes is securely attached to the tough upper layers of skin and holds tightly to the expanding flesh, creating wrinkles.

Answered: If employer requires you to were gloves, do they have to supply them

I think if your employer requires you to wear gloves then they would supply you with the same. Nitrile Gloves
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