how to make fake pimples?

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Answered: Pimples

Quick, EASY home remedies for acne: 1. Avoid eating fatty, starchy, sugary foods - you are what you eat. Diet is a major factor when it comes to acne so eat right! 2. Put a clean towel over your pillow every night so you won't smear old oil all over your face. 3. Boil a pot of water and put your ...

Answered: Does having an oily skin affect appearance of pimples?

There are number of basic steps to get rid of pimples quickly. They're some of the simple steps which can be followed regularly. 1. Apply ice to the pimples few times a day. This will reduce the swelling and will try to make the pimple less noticeable. 2. Toothpaste can be applied to the pimple ...

Answered: I have pimples that come up with no white heads, i ...

Sounds like pimples under the skin . You can cure this by going to your doctor, they should give you helpful information on what action to take. There are other way to cure acne, try looking into what you eat. Eating junk food or food that is high in fat can cause acne (I am not saying you do ...

Answered: How do i handle someone pretending to be me. they made a fake page

report them to myspace and they will be removed. The info below is from their FAQs. Reporting an imposter profile Someone set up a MySpace profile about me without my permission. What can I do? An imposter profile is a MySpace profile that a person has made about someone else without ...

Answered: Fake documents

go to the FBI office brother ink cartridges
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All baby food is is pureed food. Just puree anything. Just don't ask me to date you, cause that shit's weird.

Is there any soap which helps in reducing pimples in the buttocks

For pimple care pls log on to regards

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If this is from someone who wants you to send them money, then it's almost guaranteed to be a fake. It doesn't matter whether they tell you it's a "secret shopper" test of wiring money, or whether it's an "accidental overpayment". Your bank may give you credit for the deposit, but they will demand ...

Tell a cold sore from a pimple

Go see your doctor or a skin specialist!