How to make DDT formula?

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Answered: Nowadays, formula milk are fortified with ...

Formula while safe for babies is never going to be better than breast milk. It even says that on the formula cans if you look "breast is always best" somewhere on the instructions or label.

Answered: Is it OK to use donated breast milk or is formula almost the same

Breastmilk will always be better, however more and more women are using formula and their babies are just fine. I breastfed for the first 3 months and then switched to formula. While the breastmilk itself is better alot of the benifits to breastfeeding is the closeness and the bond as well. I think ...

Answered: What is the formula for 9 1/16 - 3 15/32

Hi, Since 1/16 is smaller than 15/32 you'll have to convert 9 1/16 to 8 17/16 which is 8 34/32, now it's easy: 8 34/32 - 3 15/32 = 5 19/32 8 - 3 = 5 and (34-15)/32 = 19/32 Best regards,

Answered: Hobbing formula

how the formula cut the helical gear on nondifferntial hobbing.change gears feed and indexng.

Answered: Should I use formula?

Haha AP... interesting. Another Pro- Asker on top of that!

Answered: Should Formula 1 race in Bahrain?

No way can't outrun bullets
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