how to make cuckoo clock bellows?

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Answered: I have a cuckoo clock with these specs...can ...

Hello, Your clock is of fairly recent manufacture becasue of the "synt-oil',short for synthetic oil ,the 275 refers to the 275 gram weights,Rugula is the maker. David

Answered: Cuckoo Clocks

German black forest clock. Parts, including regula movemnts are available from . I have no info on the numbers and marks. the name may be a clock maker or retailer. I would guess your clock is less than 30 years old. If it has heavy weights, ie, over 2 lbs it is an eight day ...

Answered: How old is my cuckoo clock?

Most cuckoo clocks with a German name are Black Forrest. Without a picture of works it is very difficult to date a clock any clock. Because the main plate structure remained the same for years, just the gear train changed. Either extra gears were added or levers were add or substracted. The Blue ...

Answered: How to make black forest german cuckoo clocks cuckoo

There are many reasons why the clock won' t cuckoo. The movement is conected to two paper and wood bellows by long stiff wires. The paper bellows may be torn. The wires might be detached. There may be an internal movement defect. go to for parts. or for more help and ...

Answered: What is my old german cuckoo clock worth?

Check out ebay listings for the same clock to get an idea.

Answered: How much is my cuckoo clock worth?

I owned a jewelery store in So Calif for 35 years and had customers that went to Germany and brought back cuckoo clocks. The two different tunes tells me that the music plays at 1/2 hr and hour, and plays a different tune on each. This clock has 3 weights??? A cuckoo that plays music on both 6 and ...
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I can't say that I've heard of a cuckoo that would express himself in this manner and expect to live long. However, with the aid of a small electronic voice box (similar to the type you find in specialty greeting cards), I (or you) could easily see to it that it's "trigger" was actuated by the ...

What about my Homestead mantle clock might be able to help you.

We have a german made black forest cuckoo clock it ...

Search on Ebay....keep watching until you see your's listed. It must have other features/movements...Love cuckoo clocks.

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i have one.. it works great. it has (i think) either a hairline crack or old repair across the top that i wouldn't have noticed except i was cleaning it very carefully.