how to make creamy hair conditioner?

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Answered: I have really thick hair and I am looking for a ...

sensories smoother conditioner by Rusk and you should use a better shampoo

Answered: Where can I buy aussie hair salad conditioner?

Answered: Suggestions for lackluster gray hair?

It doesn't mention gray hair but it does a nice job of smoothing and softening the hair. I agree, there is really nothing much on the market specifically for gray hair. I've tried one or two, I think Pantene has one and although it brightens the color, it didn't do much for the texture or the ...

Answered: Hair art thou, grants pass, oregon- is this a good salon?

I hear that their whiskey is watered down and the beer is usually flat during happy hour. Bubba

Answered: Keratin hair extensions in dubai...

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Why is 2ndhair Building fiber Superior in treating Thinning Hair?

2ndhair building fibers will remain bonded with your hair better so that less hair will fall out from your head as well. Hair fibers will adhere in your relatively great-numbered scalp to thicken your hair and make them much more fuller and lustrous. All in all, 2ndhair building fiber is the ...

Hair conditioner/relaxer suggestions...Please.

Biolage may help. I like it because it's a thicker conditioner so it weighs heavier on the hair and makes it a little more flat. Who knows if this will work for you or not, but maybe try and see if it helps at all. Good luck! <a href=" ...

Is lotion harmful to hair if used instead of shampoo or conditioner?

No it's not harmful but why would you use it instead of shampoo? You defifnitely won't get good results!!!

How do i due 1950 hair styles

visit wedding hairstyles for long hair on pintrest online