how to make crabs out of fondant and gumpaste?

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Answered: Fondant flavor

Yes, all you do is sprad litely your frosting but in refrigerator so it well set.Next day put the fonda. Make sure your fondant don't get any bubble. Good Luck. midnight54

Answered: Hermit crabs

I think if you called them they would help you! Good luck with your crab quest!

Answered: Dehydrating fondant or gumpaste

Dehydrating,fondat,gumpaste all are use for hydrating food and flower. Personal Training Certification | How To Become a Personal Trainer

Answered: How far ahead a time can you make gumpaste flowers for a cake

As long as you keep them dry in an air tight container they will last as long as you want them to. So you can make them as early as you want. Just make sure to keep them dry. Good luck!

Answered: What is a good frosting for a fondant cake?

Here is a good recipe for fondant: But really, it's a lot easier to buy it. The Ace of Cakes guy has a line of cake products out at Michael's Craft Store, you should try that first. It tastes pretty good for fondant.

Answered: What if a hermit crab leg falls off

Everything you want to know about hermit crabs can be found at the following link: Hermit Crabs
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Yes thay are cool pets i have 4 of them.

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