how to make colored corn starch for color bombs?

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Answered: How many colored squares are there on a Rubik's Cube?

There are 9 colored squares on each side of the cube in the same color. So for each side, the colors are red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and white. So yes 9 times 6 is 54.javascript:mctmp(0);

Answered: How to fix a desktop computer where all u see is colors

Look at the hardware; see if they are fine or not. If not then you need to change/repair your hardware and if yes then this problem might exist due to some Malware/Trojan infection. First of all restore your system to the date when it was working fine. Doing so will eliminate all the recent changes ...

Answered: Helping someone learn colors how is color blind

There are different types of color blindness, which has he? Yes, your idea may work but it also may not, because in many cases the color-blind person sees the colors in question only as shades of gray. If he is one of those people but is fortunate enough to be able to distinguish variations in shade ...

Answered: What color should I wear

I decided to get a deep reddish pinkish dress. I love it and so do my friends! Thank you guys for all your opinions and suggestions :)

Answered: Johnson and johnson bandages why don't you have bandaids for people of

There are bandages with darker skin tones. offers some by Urban Armor.
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