how to make challah dough rise?

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Answered: How to make Play Dough

Making play dough is easy. Kids and grown-ups of all ages will love this fun (and inexpensive) activity. See Image Ingredients 2 cups of plain flour 2 cups of water 1 cup salt 2 tbsp of cooking oil Kool-Aid or Food Coloring (optional) but makes fun colors 4 tbsp cream or tartar (this stops ...

Answered: All purpose or self rising?

Self Rising Flour contains both baking powder and salt. The baking powder is what makes it self-rising. This flour has a slightly salty taste when touched to the tip of your tougue and is the quick way to check the flour type. All purpose flour contains neither salt nor baking powder and is very ...

Answered: Have been playing rise of atlantis for 10 journeys ...

HI Angel, Thanks for your response to my question about The Rise of Atlantis, I will check it out. I think you'e right about this game there is no end and I am addicted to it also. Enjoy playing and thanks again. Jean

Answered: Storing fresh pasta dough

If you want to store fresh pasta: Sprinkle the pasta with flour, then put it in a ziploc bag and store in the fridge for up to 3 days
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