how to make cathedral length veil?

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Answered: Which wedding veils are fashionable currently? and are there any

as i've seen to the most wedding, they accessorize their veils with some beads, lace, jewelries, etc..they even choose material that would blend to their bridal gown ...

Answered: What does it mean to be born with a veil?

In childbirth it is seen as a shimmery coating of the head and face. The veil is harmless and it is easily removed by the doctor, midwife, or person(s) performing the childbirth. The appearance of a veil over a newborn baby's head is occasional; not all children have one, though they are not ...

Answered: Where is the jesus veil?

After the 3 day posting marathon by our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster did take a break for a few hours. He has posted under anonymous and Fred G. He is now posting under Bill J. I'm betting we will see hours and hours of posts from his many aliases. He's rested with ...

Answered: Can you wear a blusher if it is your second wedding?

Generally a blusher is not worn over the face by a second time bride. At a time where almost anything goes and rules don't apply... this is one rule that seems to still be followed and suggested by etiquette experts. But if your heart is set on it wearing a blusher, then it is up to you. For more ...

Answered: Born with a Veil, How can I inhance the gift....?

Fast and pray. You have to be very careful not to be deceived.

Answered: Maximum email length

Inbox storage -unlimited File attachment size-25 MB
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