how to make bj catfish bait?

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Answered: Catfish Bait?

There's some great tips about How to Catch Catfish here... Catfish Fishing

Answered: Catfish

There is no fish calle Carville unless you mean James Carville. I understand there is not much difference in the two. Perhaps you mean Carp? or Jack Cravalle which is a saltwater fish.

Answered: What is the best catfish bait ?

In my experience, spilling hot coffee on yourself, falling down in a business, and motor vehicle accidents are the best.

Answered: What is catfish noodling?

It can apply to different types of unconventional fishing, but it usually means using your hands to lure and catch a catfish. It is illegal in many places, as a noodler can be severely injuried or even pulled under by the catfish or may be bitten by a snake or other aquatic critter.

Answered: What do they call it when you catfish with your hands?

It's called noodling. To catch catfish this way you would put your hand under the water into a spot where a catfish might be. When he bites your hand, you make a fist and yank him out of the water.
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Whats the best way to catch Bluegill to use as catfish bait?

Three possibilities: shad, cut bait, or bream.

How do you cook a catfish?

You must be very careful of the dorsal fin after catching; nail fish to a phone pole or tree and skin with pliers. Fillet. You can dip in a little milk and then flour or very fine cornmeal or meal and flour mix, or even a batter. I normally stick to flour. Fry. Tags:- israel day tours | ...

How to catch blue catfish in lakes Hello guys ...

well, first u need your bait.A good bait would probably be chicken liver or beef liver.Let it sit out in the sun for a few hours.Then u need ur tackle. a decent 10 pound testline would work. And i wouldnt use a rod under six feet. A spinning reel will work best, but it really doesant matter. Then ...


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