How to make Bee Butter for carpenter bees?

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Answered: Carpenter Bees

I know this was a year ago this was asked but incase someone else is wondering how to do this, I just did research because I had one in my rocking chair outside. Someone said to spray 40-WD in the hole in the evening and I just did that. I waited for a couple of minutes and looked outside and sure ...

Answered: How to effectively and quickly relieve the pain which comes from a bee

Make a paste of baking soda and water and put it on the sting. You can also add witch hazel for extra soothing help and anti-inflammatory action. Check out other bee sting treatments .

Answered: Bees How do bees know if another bee is an outsider or part of the

According to Encarta, bees identify each other by use of chemical messages (pheromones), as well as by touch and sound. Honeybees can also use what are referred to as 'symbolic dance movements' for identification purposes.

Answered: How to Effectively Use Bee Repellents in Your Home

How to Make Homemade Bee Repellent In addition to discouraging bees, bee repellents help in keeping bees away, and they come in handy if you are allergic to bee stings. Even if you are not allergic to bee stings, they can cause lot of pain if left untreated. Bees, in general, are harmless ...

Answered: Bee

Hi, If you are not alergic or sensitive to bee sting, simply ignore it (or put some ice on that place to reduce the pain). It hurts for a short time (10-15 minutes) and might swell a bit but then it's over. However if you are alergic or sensitive that's a totally different story and you'll have ...

Answered: Are You Allergic to Bees?

Yes "C" and "D" too
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When is it safe to take a bee hive down from a tree branch? when do bees

Well, it's never really 'safe' per se. I agree about hiring a professional. That being said, you CAN do it yourself. Make sure you are as completely covered as you can be. Pick up a mosquito net hat at your fishing store. Use rubber bands around your wrists and ankles around your shirt sleeves ...

At 9:30 a.m. on April 19, 1985, a huge swarm of ...

The bees may have been swarming and were moving the queen and the larvae. Under those circumstances, the bees will attack anything they feel is a threat to the queen.

Has the decline in the bee population gotten worse?

Yes, I have a few link, one I will post for you.. Sweet G ................... more trouble for honeybees Posted by Annuki on April 1, 2010 at 1:30pm View Discussions By Bonnie Hulkower, New York, New York on 03.30.10 TreeHugger has reported in the past about the ...

Why are so many birds, bees, and fish dying?

The gradual changes in ecosystem affect some species that sometimes go fatal.