how to make an orthodox bishop's mitre?

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Answered: Wood mitreing how do i figure the angle for the wall going up the stairs

Have you tried using a protractor to measure the angle? Both Lowe's and Home Depot sell ones that should work. You might also try a sliding bevel. You can get the angle and then measure it away from the wall.

Answered: Can I sue the Catholic Bishop to restore might rights as a Deacon?

No you sue A Bishop in the Catholic Church as a deacon you serve at the pleasure of the Bishop and Priest of the Community.Kindly read 1 Tim .If you are a good deacon helping the community no Priest or Bishop would not want you arround. Peace & Love Owen ++

Answered: Orthodox Wedding

I have been to multiple Orthodox Weddings in America and the father always walked the bride down the aisle. I have also been to an Orthodox Church in America(it is in communune with the Greek Orthodox, St Mary of Egypt OCA in Norcross, GA) and they performed the Western Rite ceremony of Marriage ...

Answered: Why do the Greek Orthodox priests use the Isaiah ...

God is an imaginary mass murdering bastard with the morality of a guttersnipe. Best ignored, unless you want to be a guttersnipe too.

Answered: Bishop?

A bishop is an ordained or consecrated member of the Christian clergy who is generally entrusted with a position of authority and oversight. The office of bishop is one of the three ministerial offices within Christianity, the other two being those of priest and deacon.

Answered: What are the symbols of a Catholic Bishop and what do they mean?

these are some of the symbols and explanations.
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