how to make an above ground pool look nicer?

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Answered: Liner hole

CLUE: The point of leakage is somewhere along (and just above) the current water line. Add water and look along that line to see if you see where it is leading out.

Answered: Sinking post on above ground pool

Your above ground pool should have paving stones underneath it to hold the outside pool wall in place and keep it from sinking. If you do not have these stones in place, you need to drain your entire pool and put them in place or you will continue having this problem. This page will tell you how ...

Answered: Why bulge in my above ground pool.

If you have a bulge in your above ground pool , it sounds like water has gotten between the liner and the pool wall. You will need to drain the pool, get your liner back on track, and then refill your pool as quickly as possible.

Answered: Winter pool cover

You might think that a tarp would be cheaper than an actual swimming pool cover , however, you may be suprised at the cost and how economical they really are. Just in case you were trying to save money by using a tarp.

Answered: When vacuuming the pool why is dirty water returned into pool

If pool cleaners are functioning properly, the dirty water should be routed to your pool's filter and the clean water should be returned to your pool through the return lines. If dirty water is coming from the cleaner back to your pool, you need to either repair your filter or get a new pool ...

Answered: What causes a pool to go from clear to green in 2 hours Ph 10

My pool does the same thing and I have been told that it is because of a mineral.probably copper. My pool after just filling it will turn green within 20 minutes of putting chlorine in it.Use a metal-removing product from a pool-supply store to get it out.
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When you buy new cartridge filter is it necessary to buy new pump also

No, it is not necessary to replace the pool pump unless you are having problems with it. You can replace the cartridge filter independently of the pump or any other part of our pool filter !

Above-Ground Pool Search

You can find many different types of above ground pool online. Try the website backyardcitypools. com . Not only do they have a large selection of pools but also all of the accessories that you will need to go with your pool, including pool chemicals , cleaners, etc.

How to fold away an above ground swimming pool?

This looks like a job for swimming pool contractors in Ottawa!

Do you know how to create a shallow end for an above ground pool

Sure there is. Instead of a hole, pile sand where you want the shallow end on top of the ground.