how to make a wristlet necktie?

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Answered: Where to buy the clip on for pretied neckties

Thank you, I''ll check walmart today. I couldn't get to them at that Site either

Answered: I'm looking for necktie made of seed beads pattern I hope someone can

I found a pattern at and down sized it with size 15 Delica seed beads.It is pretty

Answered: Help needed in locating photographer for copyright permission

If you have a digital file it might contain metadata, always worth a check. if the image is in a book \ magazine it might be a good idea ot contact the publisher and ask. If both those options fail, it might be impossible to find out who the photographer is. I think it might be cheaper and less of ...

Answered: What is the cultural origin of the necktie?

The first covering that could possibly be called a neck garment was worn by ancient Romans giving speechs to help keep the speakers vocal chords warm. It was thought that by doing this, the speaker would be able to deliver a speech more effectively. Down through the years, the garments have varied ...

Answered: Beaded Necktie pattern with instruction

I made the knot myself. I made it long enough to fit around to make a knot and wide enough to where it won;t look ocwerd. Are you going to make the whole tie or just repairs? Is it the same size as a man's tie?

Answered: Do you think a perfect necktie can make a perfect man?

well according to me your attitude made you perfect not a necktie
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How to make a child's neck tie

Here is a great site that teaches you exactly how to make a necktie. To make one for your child, I would just lessen the measurements. Good luck and I hope that this helps.

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I'm not in such a situation myself, just wanted to now.

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