how to make a wooden fishing rod case?

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Answered: How do you set up a fishing rod?

think hard,retard. PICK IT UP!

Answered: Where can I get a personalised, good quality fishing rod for a good

I*'ve been building fishing rods for over fifty years. Unique Fishing Rods... H. David Taylor. Each is Unique and one of a kind.

Answered: Light Weight Fishing Rod

there are many strong lite weight poles out there okuma lite, abu garcia ultra lite, but i like my ultra lite shakespear it has a great warrenty on it and it bends tip to bottom with no prob.Plus you can feel bites easily since its so lite.

Answered: What is the best fishing rod and reel for catfish?

This is a very debatable topic, but several fisherman that catfish seriously, seem to favor a Penn or an ABU Garcia round reel types. They choose these types because of their great strength for pulling in some heavyweight catfish. For smaller cats, (less than 5 pounds) if it feels good, casts good ...

Answered: How do I pick the right Fishing Rod and Reel?

Read what both the professionals have to say as well as what is written on the various blogs. There is so much information out there, and there are so many people that are willing to share there knowledge, just start asking. The more specific you can be, the better.

Answered: Roque Fishing rod

how about their web site? will that do?
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Anybody have plans for a wooden tackle box or a wooden tool box?

Hi, You can try Woodsmith magazine issue # 183 June/July 2009. The wooden chest is a turn of the century mission style 17" seven drawer w/toptill . The orginial maker was the Union Tool Chest Works co. from Rochester NY. The hardware kit is available at WWW.MACHINISTCHEST.COM

What is a good rod and reel for huge carp?

i like to use ugly stick for rod. And for reel i like to use us reel. For amazing fishing product go to .

I live near this pond that is about 10-15ft deep ...

I don't know why they aren't hitting your lures. You seem to be trying your best. My all-time favorite lure is a plastic worm fished as slow as I can and a little twitch along with that. If I'm fishing clear-water ponds, I start off with green pattern worms. Darker water - purple. I don't know if ...

Fishing rod

The world's smallest fishing rods are called Pen Fishing Rods. It's only 7¾" closed or 4' 9" which is 57" in length when fully opened & comes with your choice of 8 different reels ranging from the world's smallest fly fishing reel to an equally fabulously designed variety of spinning reels both ...