how to make a wish come true overnight?

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Answered: It's official!!! It's true love

Stalker, will you be wearing your toofer's for the wedding?

Answered: Last wishes my mom died with no will but had ...

Many states allow a holographic will, which must be written in the testator's handwriting, dated and signed, but does not require a notary or witnesses.

Answered: Why must all muslims demand child pornography ...

Rocmike, you do believe that your aliases are real people. You believe that you're dead when everyone on here can see that you're still posting. Why don't you answer a simple question that has been asked many times. Why does Renner, Trampo, Harley Spirit Brother Bill, Fred Guenther, Southern and ...

Answered: If u had 1 wish what would it be?

I wish people would stop suffering...

Answered: Is there an instant or overnight cure for ...

I've heard about a home remedy for bronchitis but I'm not sure how effective it is. Mix 1 teaspoon garlic oil, and 3 teaspoons honey. Take 3 times a day. If you try it, let me know how it works.

Answered: International express / overnight

I've had great experiences with FedEx so I'd suggest using them.
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Have you ever heard the saying a wish and a prayer...They use to say that when you were getting on a plane. Well if you pray about it to god then it is god's will and god's wish in god's time for it to come true or not. Its all up to god.... Good luck nanadee

Dying wish

Dear Tery: I believe you're telling the truth --you brought tears to my eyes. I surely would send a donation to you if I had the money, but I can't. Other posters will add some great advice on where you might get help, but I'm thinking that a good place to copy your exact post would be on ...

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Rocmike, i have noticed that every 6 months you don't post for 2 days. Are you getting some kind of treatment or evaluation at the mental hospital that you're in? Well it's not helping. You're still posting under your aliases and everyone can see that ...

Is this a true story,did this realy happen

Oh yes, my cousin's uncle's brother's girlfriend's best friend's kitty cat swears to it.