how to make a whistle deer antler?

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Answered: What counties in 1945 in wisconsin were shotgun only for deer season

It would be hard to say. Talk to the Wisconsin department of Natural Resources to know of a certainty.

Answered: Why is there yellow fat in whitetail deer

Between my husband and I (who do a lot of deer harvesting), we have never seen "yellow fat" on any deer, nor would I eat a deer that had yellow fat on it. It may have something to do with an illness that deer had. Some animals get Fatty Liver Syndrome and/or Yellow Fat Disease, which sometimes ...

Answered: Is it ok to hunt deer in the city limiets with a bow

i live in a city and it is legal to hunt with a bow in city limits by you could always ask a fish and game warden
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Absolutely not; they are highly poisonous.

Do deer detectors work scaring deer away?

Not necessarily; especially during the Rut.

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