How to make a warping mill?

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Answered: What's wrong with being racist and sexist? At ...

Now, to seriously answer your question. We are all children of GOD; even those who choose not to believe in Him. GOD is love and loves all of us. He expects the same from us. There is no heavenly mandate to like your neighbor or even certain AOLians, but we are to love one another. To classify a ...

Answered: What is included with a VIP ticket to Warped Tour in Charlotte?

So what exactly does that mean since everyone walks around during warped tour and there is no seating? Also, what is the VIP tent? Does it include backstage access? I'm glad for the parking pass, but I am wondering if I wasted my money on the other stuff if it is not actually available. If ...

Answered: Dupont laminate flooring warping

Enough space for expansion around the walls: Laminate Flooring

Answered: Most people start off evey day warped because they're fat. Your

Warped is probably not a very accurate or descriptive term to use to try to make that generalization about "all fat people." However it is true that AMERICANS have horrible diets and the restaurant and other food related industries operate to see bad food to Americans like Tobacco companies push ...

Answered: Are most people masochists? Too much tolerance of suffering with no

If you mean personal suffering, well, aside from being stoic, kind of an Indian thing, when you've been in pain for years, you just freakin get used to it. It doesn't hurt any less, but you get past the pain being the center and focus of your life and all you can talk about. Yeah, I hurt every day ...
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Gold wing motorcycles panels warping under extreme heat

Plastic does that. But why are you getting extream heat? that isn't normal.

Warping wood strapping

The wood you are using, what-ever variety it is, is not the top grade (select) by any means, so that is a part of your problem. Believe it or not, the size of the tree has some bearing on howw much wood will warp also. Smaller trees are cut for lumber now, and the most stable heartwood part of the ...

How to change the batteries in a brain warp?

theres a little screw in the middle of the yellow one, unscrew that and the yellow cap lifts off. its 4 aa batteries. x

Warping wood strapping , part 2

Canadian maple is the top of the list concerning warping. All quality pool cues are made from hard rock maple for this reason. However, the wood is allowed to dry for years before being made into a high end pool cue. Maybe a few more days under the cedar chest....Just a thought.