how to make a Wadinger stick?

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Answered: What is stew sticks?

This is stwo sticks.

Answered: What type of epoxy do you use on carbon fiber hockey sticks?

I think you should google this and see what professionals suggest.

Answered: Chinese curved walking stick

Your name and the question combined to trigger a memory of a very funny incident last summer. I was in a grocery lineup near where the Annual Highland Games were being held, a few spots in front of me was a large bearded man in kilt and full Highland regalia. He placed a cheque in front of the gum ...

Answered: What does a dingle stick do

A dingle stick is used to hold a pot over a campfire

Answered: Code yedda

Hey kizzle...take your 66 answers and shove them some where else...Are you always this stupid?
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You could try carving walking sticks

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