how to make a violin as a school project?

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Answered: My grandad left me a hopf violin which is well over 100 yrs. old And I

Look on Ebay and you will see quite a few Hopf violins for sale. One (from the late 1700s) is asking $11,000, some are asking a thousand or two, but many are in the range of a few hundred dollars. Some may be copies. There might be a catalog of Hopf violins. Your best bet might be to have a ...

Answered: Writing projects?

If you assigned any of your work to anyone else, then you face two things: 1. You will not have the information you will need at final exams. 2. You will be expelled for plagiarism.

Answered: I have a violin that is old and would like to know if anyone knows

research says The John Church Co.(music Publishing) chose to start selling instruments also in the 1850s .... they sold pianos guitars and also violins.I bid and lost the auction on E bay for a John Church violin a couple years ago.Would you consider selling your violin......? I wanted one because ...

Answered: Have you ever taken violin lessons? How old should ...

i play the violin myself and it is a beautiful instrument. only start your kid in lessons if he/she wants to. i wouldnt start a child on violin until they were at least 3javascript:mctmp(0); . for the violin, you have to sit/stand perfectly straight with your feet planted on the floor and your ...

Answered: Violins

Here is a good article on Ezine articles web site - I think it will give you more insight into your question
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