how to make a tile shower?

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Answered: What tools are needed to remove shower tiles

You need an old wood chisel, a small (12" ) pry bar and a hammer . Be careful not to let debris go in the plughole, I usually tape it over .

Answered: Can I tile over tile in the shower?

Of course you can. You simple need to make sure that the surface you tile onto in 100 % stable and not cracked. Use a flexible adhesive.

Answered: Can a regular standup shower be tiled

Depends entirely on what the "regular " shower wall is made of . If it's some kind of plastic, then you should NOT do it as every plastic flexes to a degree enough to unstick tile. If it is a shower built on wallboard it's possible to tile, but MUCH better to spend a couple of hours removing the ...

Answered: Ceramic tile, In a tub shower surround should cement board be used or

You can use waterproof drywall, but make sure that it is not Chinese drywall. Chinese drywall is causing a serious problem for homeowners across the United states. And also it is difficult to decide about Chinese drywall presence.

Answered: How do I administer grout on tile in my shower that has loosened and has

In the long run it will be MUCH more cost effective (and healthy) to remove that entire tile panel, take away the wallboard and replace with fibre or concrete board, then re-do the finish with new tile and grout. -Patch repairs on this kind of thing only last a year or two. -Trust me, I re-do many ...

Answered: Shower drain cover, brass 3 1/8

I would take my grinder and reduce the diameter of the 3 1/4 by 1/8"
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Tiling over existing ceramic wall tile?

The trouble is the glaze on the tiles make it hard for anything to stick to it. The only way possible is you would have to rough up the tiles very good so you can put another layer on top.

ATM aside marble tiles

That made even less sense than most of your stupid daily nonsense.

I am renovation my bathroom and installing a ...

yes thank you your answer has been a great help. I can now procceed with more confidence on this project.

Grouting glazed porcelain tile

Usually, set the tile on the surface with tile mastic, let that harden a few hours, and then sponge on grout all over the tile surface. Let the grout dry, and then rub a damp sponge over the tile to remove the excess grout. There will be a thin haze an hour or so later, but do not wipe off the ...