how to make a thunder gourd?

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Answered: What are gourds?

A gourd is the fruit of a climbing or trailing plant related to a pumpkin, squash and cucumber. It has a hard rind so that when the fruit is hollowed out it becomes a utensil for holding liquids.

Answered: Why are dog's frightened of thunder and lightening?

Most animals fear any loud noise, so it is only natural that they would be scared of thunder and lightning. I have one small dog who shakes and shivers at the smallest noise yet my Bassett Hound could care less and usually sleeps thru anything. What I do when it begins to thunder, I usually wrap ...

Answered: Why does it thunder in a storm?

Lightning causes thunder. It could be inside a cloud and not visible, but if you hear thunder, there was a lightning flash. If you see the flash and count seconds until you hear thunder, it's about 1 mile away for every 5 seconds; that's the speed of sound.

Answered: How to eliminate sounds of thunder claps/crashing on my computer out of

For the issue please check the device manager list. Here if you find any corruption or bang mark against your sound driver, then you need to update it. But in case you got the problem along with blue screen error then that means there may be either hardware or software issue. Note down the error ...

Answered: How old is michelle smith?

does it matter? She's smoking hot whatever the age.
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Why in storm can not find thunder and lightning?

Thunderstorms have lightning and usually heavy rain, sometimes hail. But there can be rain, even heavy rain, without thunder and lightning.

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