how to make a tennis racket cover?

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Answered: What is head light in a tennis racket?

Head Light Points: Balance, Sharp eye on ball, grip on the handle of racket. I always these above things keep in mind while playing tennis at the Kingston river side club.!! You must have to keep in mind too.

Answered: Tennis court Surfaces

For more information regarding tennis court I would recommend you to "Kingston Riverside Club" The club has been around for over 30 years, and the management team are determined to bring it into the 21st Century by modernising the site.

Answered: Do you have a covering for a feeding tube

You could wear a protector, but I just have underwear over my feeding tube, normally. :)

Answered: Was Bjorn Borg the greatest tennis player of all time?

He was. Now it is Roger Federer but maybe it will be Rafael Nadal or Djokovic. It just depends on the what the latter 2 do in the coming years.

Answered: Tennis

for me its wilson, i like its style weight and its durability.

Answered: Tennis

SMASH hard and fast
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Federer Nadal is the greatest rivalry of all time in my opinion!


My Favorite is - WIMBLEDON. I am Tennis Player from New Malden area & joined Kingston Riverside Club. Here I got facilities with 2 Hard courts and covered tennis with floodlights for all year round Tennis.

Tennis T trademark - what brand?

The "T" is for Tachini..Hi style tennis wear....

Where do you find steel tennis ball cans

Buy online Portable tennis ball can Holds 75 tennis balls with a no-spill lid Durable plated steel construction