how to make a stethoscope out of fondant?

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Answered: Fondant flavor

Yes, all you do is sprad litely your frosting but in refrigerator so it well set.Next day put the fonda. Make sure your fondant don't get any bubble. Good Luck. midnight54

Answered: What is a good frosting for a fondant cake?

Here is a good recipe for fondant: But really, it's a lot easier to buy it. The Ace of Cakes guy has a line of cake products out at Michael's Craft Store, you should try that first. It tastes pretty good for fondant.

Answered: Adecco stethoscope.where do I find one?

I've searched about Adecco stethoscope, and yet it is hard to find this kind of stethoscope unlike the littmann cardiology stethoscope , which is easy to find, eh.

Answered: Need help for a baby shower cake

You can buy pre-made fondant sheets at craft stores such as Michaels or Jo-Anns; WalMart also may carry a limited selection in the wedding supply aisle. If you also need to purchase the duck-shaped cake pan your best bet is probably Michaels or Jo-Anns, although you might find something that would ...

Answered: St. Georges Hospital Sethoscope is it still available and or parts?

On a fellowship, in 1969, I studied cardiology (at St. George\'s Hospital and the National Heart Institute) under Sir Aurbrey Leatham F.R.C.P. I twice purchased a Leatham or St. George\'s stethoscope from Thackray, Ltd. I have searched the whole of the Google web and I am not able to find for ...

Answered: Can your doctor hear a blockage with just his ...

Given the fact that you don't mention if you have other medical problems and I am assuming that your doctor knows your medical history, I would think your doctor knows what he is talking about. However if you don't feel comfortable with the answer you got if it was me, I would seek a second opinion ...
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Also visit this , Any customer with queries about medical tools and services can call them and with toll-free at 1-877-264-3717 or email them at

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Professional locksmiths don't readily admit to using stethoscopes, so it's difficult to find one that's especially designed for them. On , there is the Adscope 655, which is a non-electric amplified stethoscope for about $58. (Amazon, also, has battery-powered models, but they are ...

Dehydrating fondant or gumpaste

Dehydrating,fondat,gumpaste all are use for hydrating food and flower. Personal Training Certification | How To Become a Personal Trainer

There has been that debate between fondant and ...

Appearance-wise, fondant looks better. Does not easily smudge. Looks so good that I did not get to taste it. Pricier too. On the other hand, buttercream tastes finger-licking good.