how to make a squirrel zapper?

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Answered: Where can I get a zapper?

Answered: Squirrels

Squirrels are able to jump about 6 feet. If you are interested in placing a bird feeder in your yard you will need a Squirrel Proof Feeders . You want to install it away from trees limbs and roof tops that are 6 feet from the bird feeder. You also want the feeder more than 6 feet from the ground.

Answered: Where is it legal to own a squirrel?

It is legal in Oklahoma to own a squirrel if you have the permits. In New York it is legal but I don't know if you need a permit in that state. So, I would assume it is legal to own a squirrel but I would check with the local fish and game department and ask them to be safe.

Answered: Is a squirrels Jaw movable and somewhat loose?

A squirrels jaw has a similar level of attachment to a dogs jaw.

Answered: Squirrel Feeder?

Rose, Yes you can get them online at Duncraft and Best, they have tons of stuff for squirrels ans food for them they love peanuts that squirrels love and blocks that you can put in the feeders that have sunflower seeds and corn and peanuts, I have three feeders, and I love watching them ...

Answered: Flyingsquirrels I have two flying squirrels and the female just had

They do not need your HELP, odds are anything a human would do would just cause harm. Beleive it or not these creatures have been around for thousands of years and have taken care of their young quite fine without any help from HUMANS. LEAVE THEM ALONE AND PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE BABIES.
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There's a hurt Squirrel and it's attached to me. It's pain make's me cry

Yes take it to the vet, I have taken ducks from the stable to the vet so most vets will help you....take it now...please...

How long does a squirrel live?

In the wild, can live approximately six years. Most urban squirrels do not reach their first birthday. This is due not to predators, but rather to automobiles. Compared to its rural counterpart, which often parishes from the lack of food.

How can I keep squirrels from chewing through the screens on my patio?

Try Rataway Fragrance from to stop chewing squirrels. Spray on the screens often! It could turn into a job. Rataway fragrance is non-toxic and non poisonous.