how to make a spanking paddle?

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Answered: I get spanked by my husband.

I happen to enjoy a spanking once in a while. I thought I was alone with this feeling until I looked on google and found out thier are thosands of people, men and women that feel the same way and practice it all the time. Be safe but don't let anyone tell you it's wrong!

Answered: I have a fetish of sorts, I desire to be spanked. Can't get my other half

I have the same problem. My wife does not share my spanking fetish. She is just not into it or she dont understand it?

Answered: Cistern paddle pump

Answered: Can my dad still put me over his knee and spank me ...

You were both wrong. He was probablly worried. You could have contacted him. Dad could have banned the use of car except for school or work for a time. I hope you learned he cares. If not a bare-bottom spanking could be an opion next time. And Dad would be justified

Answered: New to spanking or a lifetime of spanking?

yes i was spanked as a child and as a teen
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How do you feel about parents spanking their child ...

My dad spanked me and I believe spanking is wrong and sends kids the message, ''I'm a bad kid, that can't do anything right''.

What is a paddle? ...

Thanks so much for the info on what is a paddle and can use my hand held mixer while making cookies, etc.

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You can get several types of inflatable boats at Mighty Covers.

For those who agree with spanking children: should paddling in schools be

definitely not. No one but a parent should ever spank a child. I did spank my children. But I can count the number of times on the fingers of one hand. For me, spanking was only appropriate when the matter was something very serious, like, endangering their lives. If any principal had ever spanked ...