how to make a senna enema?

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Answered: Would you take an enema if you were constipated?

Only if three pounds of prunes followed by a jug of Epsom salts failed to dislodge the blockage.

Answered: How do I get rid of the watery feeling after an enema?

I suspect you are not putting any salts into your infusion. Try a table spoon of sea salt with 2 quart rinse or 2 table spoons of Epsom salt. Many also like a tablespoon of soda with one or the other as well.

Answered: Gastrograffin enema

Here is an article about the routine use of gastrograffin enema prior to the reversal of a loop ileostomy. I hope that answers your question.

Answered: Despite my 5-hour enema-washes on my bidet-seat, why do I STILL feel the

You have a serious mal formation of the mind and need to be set straight... See a psychiatrist!!!

Answered: Would giving dogs an enema wash through a hose, cause their farts to no

Diet is a big part of dogs having gas. If you feed them only a top grade of dried dog food, and don't give them any canned food or prepared snacks (like imitation bacon, slim jims, what have you) it will help a lot. I wouldn't try giving your dog GasX or Beano without consulting with a ...
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Is senna in the zxt gold?

Yes it is .. if you go to Floyd's website, you will see the following as the list of ingredients: I copied and pasted this from their site...I hope this helps Each serving contains a proprietary blend of Bee pollen, Chinese yam, Barbary wolfberry fruit, Lotus seed, dietary fiber, Green Tea ...

How do I make my farts cleaner and smell-free?

You could start by changing your underwear occasionally.

Aol enema

Are you asking to give them one or do you wish to receive another from them? Your question is simply not clear.

How to give a horse an enema ?

If you bran your horse on a regular basis, there should be no issues with colic or in Florida we had issues with sand, so braning is a no brainer...and always provide fresh clean water 24/7...keep them on scheduled feedings and strict diet of feed..don't eliviate from the ...