How to make a round braided kangaroo show lead?

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Answered: Braiding Lanyards?

This video shows how to braid or make your own lanyard similar to what knife maker Chris Reeve uses on his Sebenza folders... -

Answered: How do you braid hair into a fish tail braid?

Videos for How do you braid hair into a fishtail braid?

Answered: How to make a french braid?

Very good method. Perhaps should be changed hairstyle. Straighten, curl, flick, twist...... By your own decisions. Source(s):

Answered: Rounding

My first idea was togo "google" the question. What I found follows: Rounding [excerpt] From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rounding is the process of reducing the number of significant digits in a number. The result of rounding is a "shorter" number having fewer non-zero digits yet similar in ...

Answered: Two characteristics shared by kangaroo and ape- Mammals

Thank you so much for the help! I did get my assignment done. It is true what you said. I will ask more questions if I need help- thank you.....

Answered: What is a good wet and wavy human hair for braiding?

I didn't realize there are types of human hair so I'm not sure the answer to this question. Sorry.
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What is agood brand of wet and wavy human hair to buy for braiding? like

I'm not really sure about that one i would say ask the person that is selling and also ask whoever dose your hair.i don't have much experience with this one hope this helped a little.

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