how to make a readymade stitched saree?

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Answered: What is the correct way to wear a traditional saree?

Answered: I used the site buy sarees at and was quite happy

Hi, you can use site. this site really latest big collection of sarees and salwar kameez.

Answered: Stitches

I think a couple of weeks but ask your doctor to be sure.

Answered: Lookin for someone to top stitch heavy leather ..I,m making sling

My sewing machine will handle up to 3/4 inch leather or fabric. Need more info on what you need. JimB

Answered: Buy saree online at best bargain / best discount

placed my order with :)

Answered: Designer Sarees

If anyone want to buy designer saree at affordable price you can consider Utsav Fashion @ . They are selling all the stuff online you will get your order at your doorstep. They have huge collection of saree, salwar kameez, Kurta etc.
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Online saree website comparison

I've done alot of surfing on the internet and found that appears to be best to work with. It takes approximately 15 minutes to set upan ac count and it doesn't cost you a dime. They have a large database of skills and positions worth looking at.

Names and numbers of Bucilla counted cross stitch Thread

This site has a list of the Bucilla color codes with small color cubes show next to them, which may be a little more helpful than the conversion list you have now if it doesn't actually show the numbers. What I would suggest, though, is to try to get access to a DMC color card , which contains ...

Little boys stitches now bleeding...what can I do???

I think that it doesn't matter what the doc said the last time you saw him... you need to take him back so that it can be looked at. He shouldn't be in that much pain, it shouldn't be so swollen, and the fact that it's bleeding is definitely cause for concern.

We're having an Indian themed dinner party, where is the best place i can

Sorry for the late response. Check out the collection from Shoppers Stop, one of the best portals for online shopping in India . They have a huge range of Indian traditional clothing from Indian sarees, ladies kurtas, salwar kameez and much more from different brands at affordable price. I am sure ...