how to make a paint brush out of fondant?

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Answered: Fastest way to paint a fence without a brush ?

Hi there , I once used an airbrush to paint my yard gate, usually artists use it or car painters, to tell you the truth it did a pretty good job I bought a small one but I guess for a 30 meter long project you will need to get one with a bigger tank or else you will have to refill it often.

Answered: Fondant flavor

Yes, all you do is sprad litely your frosting but in refrigerator so it well set.Next day put the fonda. Make sure your fondant don't get any bubble. Good Luck. midnight54

Answered: What type of painting does Fernando botero paint?

Fernando botero painting was fat unrealistic people as you can see from most of his paintings. View his paintings on this site:

Answered: Lincoln Park at Christmas pencil painting by James ...

There are Art Galleries around you that you can show it to and get a free opinion of what you have.
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Hi Billy: Unfortunately, the feature you are requesting is not available.

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How do I clean my brush when using gels?

Try soaking them in an ammonia and water mixture..1/4cup - ammonia to 1cup - water. This works for combs as well. You can also try combing out the loose hair, wetting the brush thoroughly, and applying a small amount of shampoo. Cleaning two brushes at the same time helps, as you can rub the ...