how to make a number 30 cake out of cupcakes?

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Answered: Where's the best place to buy a cupcake wedding cake?

Don't know where you live and if cupcake shops are abundant in your area. We've noticed that the price per cupcake in the small trendy shops (that are trying to capitalize on the cupcake trend) cost a fortune per cupcake. We advise our clients to try and approach smaller traditional bakeries, who ...

Answered: What would be a creative cupcake design for a 10 year old girl's birthday

Pink Flower birthday cupcakes Homemade chocolate topped Spa cupcakes Girl's Birthday Cupcake Jungle Cupcakes Happy Faces birthday upcakes

Answered: Submitting photos for the "cutest cupcake contest"

If your cupcake designs are part of a wedding cake, you can enter them at Winners are featured on the home page for an entire month. Not a fancy new stand mag, but a start. =) I'm always looking to feature cake artists' work ...

Answered: What is the telephone number for 518 information?

518-555-1212 is Directory Assistance for area code 518 (somewhere in northeast New York, including Albany and Plattsburgh).

Answered: I Need Moist Cake!

If you bring all your ingredients such as eggs, butter, shortening, and milk to room temperature you will see a big difference in your recipes. I usually leave my eggs and butter out at least 2 day prior to actually making my cakes. Try it you will really see a difference in the height and texture ...
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4th of July Cupcake decorations?

Have you ever made cupcakes in an ice cream cone? They are easier to eat and you don't have to worry about throwing away the paper cupcake liners. Great for kid's parties. Sprinkle some graham cracker crumbs on them (for sand)...add a little cocktail umbrella...and you're set. You may even be able ...

Cupcake shaped cake pan

I found cupcake-shaped cake pan at Hobby Lobby. Thanks for attempting to help me. I will try your service next time I have anothe problem.

I have an american cook book that calls for cake does it differ

You can substitute all-purpose flour for cake flour if you cannot purchase cake flour or don't have any available. One cup of cake flour is equal to one cup of all-purpose flour, minus 2 Tablespoons. Happy baking! Furthermore, the above answer is incorrect. According to the 'Joy of Cooking,' all ...