how to make a necktie bracelet?

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Answered: Physically challenge and Diabetic bracelet

pandora bracelet :

Answered: Locking screw for cartier bracelet

pandora bracelet store : . hope it help you

Answered: What are alert bracelets?

when you read the name the purpose was already stated it for alerting someone once faced in tough situation. but maybe there are specific alert bracelets that has its specific purposes. Silicone bracelets

Answered: Bracelet button closures

Go to Google and hit Images then type in your question and hit search....You will get many ideas on doing this! ~Good Luck, Mo

Answered: Where can i find stylish charm bracelets?

I'll suggest you to visit It deals with latest jewelry collection of women.

Answered: Where to buy the clip on for pretied neckties

Thank you, I''ll check walmart today. I couldn't get to them at that Site either
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How to make sterlingt silver spoons bracelets

go to ur nearest smiths thos ewill help you mould ur spoons in to bracelets.. Imran

I've heard that magnetic bracelets can help with arthritis in the wrist

I have never seen any scientific evidence that magnetic bracelets work.

How to shrink a silicone bracelet

IMO its not possible to make its size shorter but you can make its size longer. try to have new one which will fit right in your wrist. silicone bracelets

SCRAM Bracelet

i am currently wearing a SCRAM braclet! It SUCKS! It is so painful! Even after a week I still have to put an icepack around my ankle after working and being on my feet. I dont care what people think when they see it! I can drive and Im not in jail.