how to make a moviestarplanet blog?

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Answered: Money from my blog

Monetize your blog through adsense.

Answered: What Should I Do To Reduce WordPress Blog Loading?

You can add one of few cache plugins, such as w3 total cache, super cache, or quick cache. Also you can optimize your images, Minify CSS and JS Files, the most important part is reduce usage of your plugins. Here is top 5 ways you can speed up your site: ...

Answered: Blog Commenting

blog commenting is good for page rank if you write good comment then you can get good benefit for won website rank

Answered: How do I start a blog?

Now that you have a topic for your blog, The next step will be choosing what blogging platform to use..If you are a beginner i suggest that you choose from blogger or wordpress..The tools you needed to make your blog is just there..Ready to use!

Answered: Sponsored posts on your blogs?

You should join a webmasters forum like Digitalpint. There you can find anything you want.
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Blogging actually has a lot of advantages one is the social connection, you can able to connect with your readers wherever they are, as well it can improve your writing and English skills, and of course for SEO it can help for getting traffic into a specific site and blog as well is a good source of ...

Blog niche

Choose a niche that is selling...

Links on blog comments?

Here is a blog post that will let you know how blog comment is a part of successful blog..

Make a living with a blog

Yes you can make a living with a blog. I've had my blog for two months and I'm already starting to make money. Not a lot yet. But the more traffic I get the more money I make. To give you an example, last month I earned $11 from the AdSense on my blog. This month it is already up to $7 and we ...