how to make a moonshine still with thumper barrel?

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Answered: Ceramic mold of a moonshine jug

If you go to a hobby shop or arts and crafts store, they should be able to help you. I only know of jugs made by hand, but there probably are slip molds for them as well.

Answered: Moonshine

I like the Swedish method of infusion. Basically, you add fruits or berries or herbs to the liquid and store for 6 months to a year, then strain it. The liquor takes on the flavor of whatever it has been infused with.

Answered: Origins of Pork Barrel

As we saw with Marx, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Ho Chi Minh, leftists always lie to cause the greatest damage to other people. Leftists have always done so because of their all-consuming bitterness and the fact that they never bother to investigate the lies they are force fed. It remains on them for all ...

Answered: Where can i buy moonshine

You should be aware of the fact that much moonshine contains unacceptably high levels of lead:

Answered: Looking for 77/22 barrel

thanks very much.this is what i was looking for.

Answered: How do I get started in the barrel racing business ...

To get your barrel horse in condition you should work up to riding him six to eight miles three or four days a week. These days should consist of warming up with a walk, long trotting and slow loping. In the beginning you should do more walking and slowly take the walking time and add it to the ...
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