How to make a memory jug?

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Answered: Would like to donate in Memory of a friend who ...

You can donate to any organization in memory of someone who has passed. Many times the funeral home will assist with donations or you can simply contact the organization and ask where to send memorial donations. In your remittance, include your information and the information of the survivor so ...

Answered: Memory??

It is a too serious matter to leave it to speculations. Please consult the professionals (they must find the core reaon for it). It can happen but 38 is a bit early. The memory (short and long term memopry) is like any other muscle: "Use it or loose it !". So do as many excercises as you can ...

Answered: Short term memory

I'm naturally like that too. I have learned there are certain things I tend to forget I have done and then worry about. An example is locking the door when I leave the house. I can get ten mile down the road and there's a sudden panic. "did I lock the door?" I won't be able to remember whether I ...

Answered: Can anyone tell me the name of some games that I can play (that are FREE

My suggestions were Cryptogram , Word Scramble , Memory Test , Country Name Guessing and Nonogram

Answered: Memorial co.

From your topic it looks like you know the cemetery in question? Have you called them? They may have a computer listing so they can narrow down your search and tell you what section he is in. If you live in this city go search yourself. If you live in a different city, here is a web site for you ...

Answered: Hand-Painted ceramic bavarian jug???

Bayerische Bauernmalerei simply means Bavarian Farm Painting.
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years ago there was a caffeine scare that proved a farce, My Mom and Dad both immediately switch from a caffeinated coffee to a decaff coffee there memory was all but shut down. There is an old saying "every thing in moderation" is good for you, another scare was the cholesterol while there are ...

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