how to make a graph for oakland raiders crocheted afghan?

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Answered: Crochet

It means to use something like a separate piece of yarn, a safety pin let you know where you began the previous row and where your current row should end .

Answered: When can you enter items in the york fair like crocheted afghans

see this link--

Answered: How do I add rows to a crocheted rose?

Are you trying to make it bigger around? If so go underneath in back of the rose,add a chain and hook in the middle of existing chain. Make this a little longer than the one that is there. Maybe 2-4 sc. Go around increase the # of dc in the chains you have added. If you keep trying youll get it. I ...

Answered: Retired Football Player

The only Nance I found was a Jim Nance . He played for the Boston Patriots of the AFL.

Answered: How to stop rolling of afghan stitch blankets

Thank you for your reply. I know that I have tried everything and nothing has worked. A very good idea about crocheting and edging around it. Thank you again.

Answered: I'm making an afghan. Double crochet on each row ...

Hi, Once you're done with that afghan you can make many more with this great free eBook Enjoy!
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Try these links, free patterns: (or this one)

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You know, I would never have thought that would be a problem. As Eldon says, though, there are bound to be instruction books. And I bet if you ask the people where you get your supplies, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

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Hi Lynn, You can find some neat crochet afghan patterns at Enjoy!

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There are several patterns for this. Do you have a pic or a detailed description of what you need?