how to make a goose call out of a shotgun shell?

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Answered: What does Velocity mean on shotgun shells?

It's the speed (muzzle velocity) of the shot charge as it leaves the end (muzzle) of the shotgun barrel. If the ammunition is made and distributed in the U S A, it's expressed in feet per second.

Answered: Canadiangeese we have a lone goose in our back ...

Think OronD is right thumb up . Call a veterinarian or the D&R in your area . They will know what steps to take to help him/her . It is not natural that a Canada goose be without other geese at least one more .

Answered: Can u shoot a slug through a modified shotgun

I presume you mean a modified choke? If so, yes, slugs present no problem

Answered: Burgess Folding Shotgun

Thanks Norm for the web-site. I do own a Burgess Folding Shotgun. I have sent an email to the web-site you provided asking for more information. Joe

Answered: How to read shotgun shells boxees?

There are three or four parts. One will give the gauge (diameter) of the shell. The most common ones are 12ga.-- 20ga.--10ga. Then it will give the length of the shell in inches. Using 12ga. for an example, it might say 2 3/4--3--or 3 1/2. Next there will be a number that gives the weight of the ...

Answered: Cackle, cackle, Mother Goose,

Well, "mikey" was actually about 100 different people that some lunatic thought were all one person. And the only lunatic who was stupid enough to think such nonsense was Old Thomass Johnson. So how you been Tommy? Any updates on the big FBI/FCC/FTC/CIA investigation into people who post on message ...
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How many lead pellets in a 12 guage police shotgun shell?

If the shotgun is loaded with slugs, one. If it's loaded with buckshot, it varies between 9 pellets (00 buck) and 40 pellets (#4 buck), depending on the length of the shell and the size of the buckshot.

Unroasted Raw Spanish Peanuts in the shell

Sounds that supposed to be a question?

Father goose stays on dock

Thanks for the answers everyone..All of the Canada Geese returned to the pond and dad was fine, although he didn't fly, he did a lot of swimming and honking. We are in Northern California, so they'll be leaving soon when the weather cools. It was fun watching the geese from the time the eggs were ...

How many projectiles are in a 20GA 00shotgun shell?

Here's an update. There are no 00 buckshot loads commercially available. I just checked at the local sporting goods store, and the manager was good enough to scan all the info from the major ammo companies. There IS a commercially loaded 20ga shell that contains number 2 buckshot. It was only ...