how to make a gin martini?

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Answered: Please, is gin wheat free???

First of all I think it's important to note that there is a difference between WHEAT free and GLUTEN free. Typically if a beverage is considered wheat free it is also gluten free but not always, additionally more likely than not a beverage can be gluten free and not wheat free because of the ...

Answered: Why am i locked out of playing gin?

Hi David: For support, please go to:

Answered: How ti serve martini rosso?

It is very rare to serve Martini Rosso on the rocks without a mixer but it can be found. Otherwise it goes well with lemonade, cranberry juice or apple juice. If you want to have it plain, then try adding some slices of apple or orange.

Answered: What is underknocking in gin rummy

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Answered: The Perfect Martini

The amount of liquor!
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There are many variety of Lolita Nartini Glasses here

How long will gin last?

Until you finish the bottle.

Apple Martini

Here's a short video showing how to make an Apple Martini:

I assume that Martinis are served cold.If the gin ...

Martinis are one of the easiest to make always ask gin or vodka...most people want Just a drop of vermouth in the glass Dirty--means olive juice, some like more, some like a few drops