how to make a fondant checkered tablecloth?

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Answered: Mexican tablecloths

I was in a store in mexico and saw a beautiful white cotton square tablecloth the top was like gather crushed just beautiful the man said it came from the middle part of mexicoit wasin a resturant in cabo called thepadador. I would love to buy one

Answered: Fondant flavor

Yes, all you do is sprad litely your frosting but in refrigerator so it well set.Next day put the fonda. Make sure your fondant don't get any bubble. Good Luck. midnight54

Answered: Looking for a 25 x 20 square tablecloth

Lewana, go to any Walmart, type of store where they sell sheets and such. In the back they almost always have a section where they cut to ANY size, any material. You can have your 20x25 RECTANGULAR Square tablecloth. P.S. I have a table that is 25 inches by 45 inches, so I understand what you are ...

Answered: Can you machine wash a vinyl tablecloth and if so how

I always washed my vinyl table cloths in the washer on a gentle setting with cold water and half to 1/3 the amount of detergent. I would then hang them on the line to dry. :)

Answered: What is a good frosting for a fondant cake?

Here is a good recipe for fondant: But really, it's a lot easier to buy it. The Ace of Cakes guy has a line of cake products out at Michael's Craft Store, you should try that first. It tastes pretty good for fondant.

Answered: Game Of Checkers

I think you and your opponent should set the rules of how you want to play. I have heard of both ways of play. I have to admit that we use to refer to it as "I blow your man for not taking your jump." and then remove the their man from the board. However, all of the professional checker player ...
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Need help for a baby shower cake

You can buy pre-made fondant sheets at craft stores such as Michaels or Jo-Anns; WalMart also may carry a limited selection in the wedding supply aisle. If you also need to purchase the duck-shaped cake pan your best bet is probably Michaels or Jo-Anns, although you might find something that would ...