how to make a chrysanthemunm corsage?

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Answered: Corsage pins for quilting

I also use the corsage pins for my long arm. I found them at Walmart in the Bridal section. Lisa

Answered: How do you dry out a corsage?

All you have to do is place it in the freezer in it's box and it will be freeze dried. The results are great!

Answered: How to Make a beaded Wrist Corsage?

A very old art form you will enjoy it.. Sweet G

Answered: How to Make a beaded Wrist Corsage?

They sell Kits in Craft Stores for beading, that is a beautiful art form.. Sweet G

Answered: What flower wrist corsage goes well with a kelly green?

I would suggest white Gardenias to go with kelly green. Gold ribbon would nice.

Answered: What side does the mothers of the weding party wear their corsages on?

It should be on the left, where is the nearest place of the heart, and with heart toghter, more beautiful
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