how to make a chicken scratch star quilt?

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Answered: Quilting

Yes Judy, we make quilts.

Answered: What is the most popular quilt pattern? Which pattern is the easiest to

quilt patterns go in and out of style, though the log cabin has always been quite popular. when I started quilting I had better results with paper piecing than anyother method.

Answered: Can you keep chickens in unincorporated crystal lake IL?

You can, if you live in an area zoned for agriculture. A call to your County Commissioners will give you the answer.

Answered: For lemon chicken gravy recipes

Here is a recipe

Answered: Quilt in shape of the US
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Is there a magazine that publishes original quilting projects

I don't think so...That would have to be a giagantic magazine to include the thousands and thousands and thousands of quilt patterns that are out there to purchase (cannot be reproduced without permission) when deciding on which pattern for your next quilt project.

How to make breeds of old english chickens

Please rewrite your question so that it makes sense.


Here is a site that offers a Free quilt block pattern, Storm at Sea, from McCall's Quilting online. Hope this helps. jenene

Quilting help/sun ray star blocks/increase size

Just add 3 inches to all the intersecting lines of the six inch block pattern and you will get a 9" block.