how to make a carport out of pvc pipe?

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Answered: Can you join a pvc p-trap to an abs pipe?

Yes you can add both the pipes.

Answered: Splice PVC pipe lawn sprinkler system

Hi, it wasn't apparent from your original question what the real problem was. I have to do this very thing at least 2-4 times a week and have not yet found a better method than digging up 3-4 feet of pipe. Cut out the broken part and put back a slightly shorter part with coupling on each end, glue ...

Answered: Pvc & Metal pipe connecton, fix for the leak

is it a water supply pipe or is it on the drain system? how is it connected together now? like charlie said, is iot a threaded connection? is there a rubber"boot" connecting the pipes?is it in a accessable area?

Answered: Cutting Decorative Circles in a PVC Pipe

Lucille...I use a dremmel, and sometimes a regular drill on slow speed with a drill bit that is used for making holes in doors for door knobs. You can buy a kit of three sizes at The Hme.Dpot, or Lowz. If you draw the design on first when you use a dremmel,with a cutting blade you can make almost ...

Answered: I'm thinking of getting a metal carport to house my vehicle at night. Do

My husband and I bought one of these portable garages recently and it comes with wind stabilzers to anchor it to the ground on all four corners.
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Multipurpose bldg with 2 carports

Have you consider a portable garage like carries at:

Connecting pvc and cpvc

The connection was probably made with a female 3/4 inch pvc adapter or a 3/4 inch pvc male adapter going into the cpvc female or male adapter. If the plumber used blue glue which it sounds like you will end up with a leak. Just out of curiosity, was this job inspected?

Pvc pipe dimensions

3/4inch pvc pipe is 1.050 inch outside diameter.

Pvc pipes We are selling a home that has PVC pipes ...

No, it does not have to be replaced. you can go to any hardware and buy fittings that will adapt to both PVC or copper. PVC is much easier for a home owner to work on then copper. replacement is easier then you think. any manly man can do it. Am a woman, and I have done it. I also have some copper ...